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 24 Flakko Brings Atlanta’s Trap Music To Korea
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direct link // Jun 3 2018, 12:21 PM


Born in Korea, 24 FLAKKO spent a year and a half in Atlanta working with various American artists, including world-famous rappers 21 Savage, Lotto Savage, and Notoriou5 Bino. ‘Bad Guy,’ his single with 21 Savage, created quite a buzz. Fans were surprised to see an artist like 21 Savage on the Korean-based YouTube channel CJENMMUSIC. Having gained recognition both in the States and Korea, FLAKKO recently came back to Korea, started his own crew, 24 Gang, and has been working with other well-known Korean rappers including Don Mills, Loopy, and Bill Stax. Following his return to Korea, 24 FLAKKO released his first EP, ‘Atlanta.’


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